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Updated: 25/11/2009

1974 Non Olympic Sports Issue

Specialist notes and numbering system are from "The Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue" (ACSC), 2002 Edition. Published by Brusden-White.




The above drawing shows the positions of consistent retouch errors.

The stamps position in the sheet  and printer sheet involved are recorded and explained below.

(The retouches are difficult to display on the computer screen.)




ACSC Sheet Row Column Description
668 . . . 7c Australian Football
668d A-R 3 2 retouch (blue) under "st" and over knee
668e B-L 1 2 retouch (blue) above boot
668f B-R 4 6 retouch (blue) above head left footballer
668z A-L 5 1-10 colour bar double strip left pane
668za A-R 5 1-10 colour bar double strip right pane
674w       Post Office Pack with 7c Australian Football, Bowls, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Surfing & Tennis (Back view)
674x . . . Publicity Card 668-674
674y . . . First Day Cover

With the Photogravure (Rembrandt) Press vertical larger stamps are printed in three sheets of 100 stamps (A,B,C). Each sheet is made up of two panes, left and right, of 50 stamps. The panes are 5 rows down and 10 columns across of stamps. Along the bottom of sheet A is the colour pane. It does not cross the midline where there is a T registration Mark. (Inverted T on sheet C). 668z and 668za are the bottom of each pane of sheet A only.

Publicity Cards were use to publicise stamp issues particularly overseas at embassies. The usually consisted of the coat of arms, an explanation of the stamp series and their reproduction. The practice ceased in 1985.

Technical Information

Date of Issue 24th July 1974
Colour Light Brown/Red/Blue/Black
Design Arthur Leydin, Sydney
Artist Des O'Brien, Sydney
Printing Photogravure (Rembrandt)
Paper KP5D paper including Derby Luminescence
Watermark Nil
Sheets 100 divided into left and right 5 rows of 10
Perforation 14.75 x 14
Quantity 7,190,500
Other Stamps In series 7c Bowls, 7c Cricket, 7c Golf, 7c Rugby, 7c Surfing, 7c Tennis

First Day Covers

1. Australia Post
Australia Post started producing its own FDCs in 1970. They however did not use FDI postmarks in 1974.

1974 Non Olympic Sports FDC

2. Wesley First Day Cover

1974 Non Olympic Sports FDC

Wesley First Day Cover Blue Graphics
Wesley First Day Cover Light Green Graphics
Wesley First Day Cover Dark Green Graphics

Other Covers

125th Anniversary Aussie Rules

125th Anniversary Aussie Rules Sterling Silk Cover
Generic Australia Post Thematic Sports Cover
Unknown cachet producer (1)
Unknown cachet producer (2)
Australia Post cover with block of four
Junction Park (Brisbane) Stamp Club 30th Anniversary Cachet
Jack Peake Hand Painted Cover of golf green