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Updated: 10/10/2009

2008 150th anniversary Australian Football Issue

Specialist notes and numbering system are from "The Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue" (ACSC), 2002 Edition. Published by Brusden-White.

Celebrating 150 years of Australian Football Australia Post issued a single 50 cent stamp featuring the earliest known engraving of a game of Australian football. The engraving, entitled "Winter in Australia: Football in the Richmond Paddock" by Robert Bruce, depicts a game at Richmond Paddock, the parklands that today sit adjacent to the MCG. This image was first reproduced in the Illustrated Melbourne Post on 27 July 1866.

ACSC Description
. 50c 150th Anniversary of Australian Football
. Sheetlet of 10
. Post Office Pack (front and inside)
. Maximum Card
. First Day Cover
. A Postal and numismatic cover (PNC) was also released with a commemorative coin from the Perth Mint
. First Day Issue Postmark

Technical Information

Date of Issue 29th July 2008
Colour Light Brown/Red/Blue/Black
Design Andrew Hogg
printing Process Lithography
Printing Energi Print
Paper gummed Tullis Russell
Watermark Nil
Sheets sheet of 10
Perforation 14.6 x 13.86
Stamp Size 26mm x 37.5
Other Stamps In series Nil

First Day Covers

1. Australia Post
Australia Post started producing its own FDCs in 1970.

2008 150th Anniversary FDC

2. Wesley First Day Cover

2008 150th Anniversary FDC

The Wesley Cover Service also released a FDC for the sheetlet.

Other Covers
New postmarks were released on the 17th September 2008 to replace postmarks issued for the Centenary of the AFL in 1996. The postmarks are displayed on the 150th Anniversary stamps and cover for
Essendon, Geelong, Melbourne and  Richmond,