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Updated: 04/10/2009

Fremantle Dockers

The Dockers, were formed in 1994 from the Fremantle sides based in the WAFL. These teams had won 49 premierships in the WAFL from 1885 to 1994.

They finished 13th in their first season in 1995 and have as yet not made the finals. Their best finish has been 11th in 1997 and 2000.

The Dockers, although based in Fremantle, play their home matches at the WACA or Subiaco, which they share with the West Coast Eagles

The Dockers 1996 AFL Centenary stamp is shown above on the left and the front cover of the Peel and stick booklet on the right. The Dockers chose Peter Mann on the inside of the  Booklet and Ben Allan on their Postcard and maximum card.

1996 AFL Centenary Cover with Fremantle PM

The AFL Centenary Cover below shows the Fremantle Sheetlet Stamp with the Fremantle Football Club Permanent Pictorial Postmark (PMP 643) introduced on 23rd April 1996.

1996 AFL Centenary Cover with new Fremantle PM

Due to popular demand the postmark was changed on the 8th August 1996 to a more pictorial postmark (PMP 650) and the circular postmark was withdrawn. It is shown on the AFL Centenary cover below. 205 covers were cancelled on the first day of usage.

The Dockers have always had trouble keeping their good players. 1999 proved somewhat of a cue with the Dockers signing Tony Modra from the Crows.

The 2000 season was again disappointing with the Crows again finishing out of the eight. The season was marked with the release of club and individual 2000 Personalised Stamps.

The 2001 season was a disaster for the Dockers having won only 2 games and having sacked their coach, Damien Drum, and their star forward, Tony Modra, retiring mid season. The 30th March marked the release of their 2001 Personalised Stamps.

2002 saw improvement for the Dockers. On the 15th May the 2002 Personalised Stamps were released. They finished the season with nine wins in 13th position.

The 2003 season saw the Docker's in the eight and looking to the finals. Unfortunately they lost to Essendon in the first week but the future looks bright. The 2003 Personalised Stamps were released in April. Matthew Pavlich, Peter Bell and Paul Hasleby made the All Australian Team.

2004 started with the Dockers continuing on from last season. In mid April the 2004 Personalised Stamps were released. This year they were a booklet of 20 stamps showing 10 players, rather than the A4 sheet.

On the 1st April 2005 the Fremantle Dockers booklet of the 2005 Personalised Stamps was released. First Class Collectables issued covers  to commemorate the Best and Fairest winners including Matthew Pavlich.

On the 20th March 2006 the Fremantle Dockers booklet of the 2006 Personalised Stamps was released. Onlycovers released the Captains series with covers including Peter Bell. Round 16 was the Heritage Round with clubs wearing jumpers from a previous era. Onlycovers released a cover for each club including the Fremantle FC.

On the 21st March 2007 the Fremantle Dockers Postmark was upgraded to include changes in ongoing dates. The previous postmarks APM29084 and  APM29330 are shown.

After finishing third in 2006 the Dockers slipped down the ladder and finished 11th in 2007 with Australia Post issuing the 2007 Personalised Stamps. 2008 and 2009 were rebuilding years with them finishing in the bottom half of the ladder. Australia Post changed from the Prestige Booklet to the Folder format issuing the 2008 Personalised Stamps and 2009 Personalised Stamps.