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Telstrastadium (Stadium Australia)

Stadium Australia
Stadium Australia was built as the centre piece for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. So as not to be left out of the Sydney market, the AFL paid the managers of Stadium Australia $1 million dollars so that the ground could be configured to AFL size in 2002 and promised four blockbuster games would be  scheduled there for the 2002 season and beyond. This also gave the stadium the versatility to have cricket, as well as soccer and rugby League and Union after the Games..

The opening of the stadium on the 21st February 1999 was commemorated by release of a pictorial cover. The First League game at the Stadium on the 6th March 1999 was commemorated by release of a pictorial cover. A Focus on Sydney Cover on a Great Southern Land Envelope was released on 20th June 2000. This Sydney 2000 Aerogramme has an overprint of Stadium Australia. This Centenary of the Modern Olympics issue has an cachet of Stadium Australia.

The 2000 Sydney Olympics  

The Sydney Olympic games were held at Stadium Australia from the 16th September 2000 to 1st October 2000. It was Australia's second Games after the 1956 Melbourne Games. The Games were a great success, being described by IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, to be the best games ever. 10,651 athletes from 199 Countries participated in 300 events to make Sydney the biggest games ever. Italy won 34 Medals, 13 Gold, 8 Silver and 13 Bronze.

The stamp (Scott 2363) at left was issued on1st September 2000 by Italy along with a Maximum Card. A cover for Olymphilex was released by First Class Collectables.

Sao Tome E Principe (St Thomas and Prince Islands) is an island in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. It was previously a Portuguese territory. It did not win any medals. It issued the 5000d stamp (Scott 1374) shown at right. A 15000d souvenir sheet (Sc 1376) had an attached label featuring Stadium Australia.

On the 8th September 2000 the Ivory Coast issued a set of four stamps including the stamp (Scott 1084) shown below showing a bird flying across Stadium Australia. The Ivory Coast did not win any medals.

The Stadium was also displayed on a label on a souvenir sheet  from the Serbian Administration of Bosnia. (Scott122).

Yugoslavia itself issued four stamps with four attached labels. The 30d stamp (Sc 2493) had an attached label showing Stadium Australia.

Souvenir sheets showing Stadium Australia were issue as both perforate and imperforate sheets,  by the Indian Ocean Island of Madagascar,  the North African Country of Mauritania and its neighbour Mali. North Korea and the Solomon Islands also showed Stadium Australia on Souvenir Sheets.

No doubt other Olympic stamps and covers will come to light, or be issued in the future as have stamps of the MCG,  that commemorate 2000 Olympics and display Stadium Australia including this cover from Germany. It bears the meter of the "Internationale Motivgruppen Olympiaden und Sport" (IMOS) a German Philatelic Organisation dedicated to the Olympics and Sport. A cover from Slovakia included a Postmark of Stadium Australia.

With the permission of the China Philatelic Bureau and Australia Post, Australia Post issued 28 Pstamps of the 28 China Gold Medalists.

The 2000 Paralympic Games
Tony Lockett was used by the organisers in the Paralympics Torch Relay. This was commemorated by Alpha Covers with a First Day Cover on the 18th October 2000 of the Paralympic Stamp Issue  and of the Stadium below. Paralympics Maxicard of Paralympic Torch Relay Cover and the Paralympic Stadium Cover were also issued. Lobo8 also issued a Paralympic Stadium Cover

2001 Grand Final Cover

Afl Matches
Following the Olympics the wings on each end have been removed and the ground is able to reconfigure itself as an oval.

The opening AFL match was played on the 25th May 2002 and Sydney lost a close game to Essendon by 2 points. Their next game against Carlton was a win and this led to the last round of the year for the Kokoda Match

Kokoda Memorial Match
On 31st August 2002 at Telstra Stadium (Stadium Australia) the Sydney Swans played Richmond in the Kokoda Memorial AFL Match. Australia Post  released a special Stamp Sheet for guests at the game showing Ovuru, a Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel. He is one of the few angels left alive. They were carriers and stretcher bearers for the Australian troops during the Second World War battle against the Japanese in Papua and New Guinea. Source: Melbourne Herald-Sun. This was also the Swan's Courageous Captain, Paul Kelly's last game. It was commemorated by Fist Class Collectables with a Cinderella Cover

2003 Season
Season 2003 saw Sydney play 5 games at Telstra Stadium. They played the Lions in a preseason game and then started the season proper with an easy win against Carlton. This was followed in round 11 with an easy win against Essendon. The round 21 loss to Collingwood by 18 points saw a record crowd outside of Victoria of 72,393. Sydney's success saw another crowd of 71,019 to watch the Preliminary Final against the eventual premiers, the Brisbane Lions.

2003 Rugby World Cup
Australia hosts the Rugby World Cup and Telstra Stadium will host the opening ceremony and Final, as well as other pool games.

Australia Post released 3 stamps, the $1.10 value showed Stadium Australia. The other products can be seen at the 2003 Rugby World Cup Page

England won the Final 20-17 against host nation Australia.

2004 Athens Olympic Games
On the 25th August 2004 Elite Sports Properties produced three limited Edition Special Event Sheets. The surrounds of the sheet,
The Modern Games, showed the Australian Team walking into Stadium Australia. First Class Collectables issues covers of Cathy Freeman, Michael Johnson and Jan Zelezny.