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Updated: 24/09/2006


The Centenary Stamp Issue

Centenary Issue
The 23rd April 1996 saw the largest stamp issue by Australia Post to commemorate the 100th season of the AFL.
It consisted of

  • A sheetlet of 16x45c stamps each representing one of the 16 AFL Clubs (shown above) issued in plastic wrapping with a backing card with a short history of the AFL.

  • 16 booklets of 10x45c stamps of each club including the club logo on the cover and a photograph of a football hero nominated by the club.

  • A special presentation folder - The AFL Centenary Stamp Booklet Collection, which contains each of the 16 booklets each inserted into a graphic image of that club's logo and housed in a copy safe sleeve. It also contained a history of the AFL and a variety of football images. (The folder replaced the normal stamp pack.)

  • 16 maximum cards one for each club.

  • 16 prepaid postcards one for each club.

National Postmark (PMCF 372)
National Postmarks are postmarks introduced to complement new stamp issues. From 1980 onwards they have been issued with almost all new stamp issue, although a few were issued previously. Up until 1987 they were only used on official Australia Post Covers and not allowed on private covers.

Two types were used, one with the football shaded was used on the post office issued FDC, the other on private covers.

The peel and stick stamps have simulated perforations as shown on the left. The sheetlet stamps have normal perforations as shown on the right.

An Essendon booklet with missing perforations sold at auction for $1,500 AUD.

Booklet Barcodes
The Philatelic issue of booklets had different bar codes for each team. The General issue of booklets had the same bar code for each team. 

eg The Philatelic Carlton Booklet - 108472 shown at top left and  the Carlton Booklet - 273729 shown at the bottom left, which were sold through general post offices.