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Updated: 17/12/2006


2006 Commonwealth Games

2006 Commonwealth Games Venue

The 2006 Commonwealth Games was held in Melbourne for the first time. Australia has hosted the games at Sydney 1938, Perth 1962 and Brisbane 1982.

Baton Relay
The Queen's baton travelled more than 180,000 kilometres and visited all 71 nations of the Commonwealth in one year and one day. This was a world first, as no Games relay has ever visited all member nations. This makes the Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton Relay the world’s longest, most inclusive relay.

First Class Collectables issued a series of commemorative covers including Michael Long, Matthew Pavlich, Gavin Wanganeen Jason McCartney, Mick Malthouse and Eddie McGuire. The Commonwealth Games Minister, Justin Madden, is an ex AFL Player. "Coversplease" also  issued a series of commemorative covers including Gavin Wanganeen running the Victor Harbor Leg.

Australia Post
On the 1st March 2006 Australia Post issued multiple items. This included a booklet, "Australia at The Commonwealth Games." One of the pages included a photo of the
MCG with a block of four perforate Games Logo stamps. It also included a set of postcards, including the card above of the MCG. (This card was also issued with the Bradman Baggy Green Stamp. Compliments of Noel Almeida). The issue also included a FDC with three medalions including the MCG. Personalised Stamp Sheet including a picture of the MCG was also issued. The generic issue is shown. Personalised photos were available. The Canberra Stamp Show used the Sheetlet with the Show's Logo in the selvedge.

One of the Official Postcards for the Game organisers also showed a view of the MCG.

Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony was performed  on the 15th March 2006. The 16 AFL Captains
were part of the baton relay along the Yarra River and culminated with Ron Barassi walking on water to bring the baton to the opening ceremony at the MCG.

First class Collectables and Coversplease issued covers. Australia Post issued a commemorative sheetlet with one of the issues showing a panoramic view of  the MCG. The Coversplease cover below shows the MCG Stamp below the other four stamps with Barassi walking on water.

2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Coversplease issue covers showing the Fireworks, Fireworks and Light Show.

Closing Ceremony
The spectacular Closing ceremony was performed on the 26th March 2006. Again Victoria's close association with the MCG and the AFL was evident with a group of performers, dressed in AFL uniforms, bursting through a Banner (See Cover below). Coversplease also issued a cover showing the Fireworks.

2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony

Alpha Covers portrayed a group of ballerinas dressed in AFL team colours. (See below). Other covers included Fireworks, Fireworks and Light Show

2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony

Australia Post issued a commemorative Sheetlet with two stamps showing panoramic views of the MCG This is presented as a  cover and the two Stamps.

A special Memorable Moments cover was also issued with marathon winner, Kerryn McCann, being portrayed with the MCG being the backdrop.