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Updated: 12/01/2010

What's New in 2009

Stamp Collecting Month
In the 300th Edition of the Stamp Collecting Bulletin Australia Post announced that as part of stamp collecting month it would issue a set of 6 stamps of children's sports as part of the "Lets get Active" issue. The set included an Aussie Rules stamp as pictured and will be issued on the 6th October 2009. The issue will include "peel and stick" and gummed stamps, FDCs, Minisheets, stamp pack, maximum cards, sheets of 50 and cheque book issues of the booklet issue. The other sports are basket ball, soccer, netball, cricket and tennis.

2009 AFL Premiership
The 2009 Premiership was won by Geelong over St Kilda by 12 points in a nail bitting struggle in wet conditions. Australia Post announced that they would release a Premiership Medallion cover on the 4th November 2009 and a Souvenir Stamp Sheet on the 29th September 2009. The selvedge of the stamp shows the Premiership Cup postmarked with the Geelong permanent pictorial postmark.  Matthew Scarlett was one of Geelong's best. He is shown on the tab of the 2009 AFL issue with the Geelong permanent pictorial postmark.

Premiership Players Club
The 2009 Premiership Player's Club P-stamps were again released continuing an annual tradition from 2000.  The issue consisted of a sheet of the 20 players along with single sheets for each player and a sheet featuring father and son, John Kennedy Snr and Jnr from Hawthorn.

2009 AFL Stamp Issue
Australia Post announced that the release of the 2009 AFL Personalised stamps would be on 2nd March 2009. The actual release date was closer to the start of April. The issue consists of 20 x 55c stamps (total stamp value $11.00), Player profiles of the 20 players featured in the tabs, 2009 fixtures and the Team background.