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Updated: 28/12/2009

What's New in 2008

Hawthorn win Premiership
On 27th September 2008, Hawthorn won the Premiership with a 26pt win over the favorite Geelong. Coversplease released a cover for all the Players. Australia Post following tradition released a Souvenir Stamp Sheet. Australia Post will issue a limited edition Commemorative Medallion on the 17th November 2008.

New Postmarks
On the 17th September 2008 new postmarks were issued for Essendon, Geelong, Melbourne and  Richmond, They replace the postmarks that were released for the 1996 AFL Centenary. Coversplease release a cover for the teams Essendon, Geelong, Melbourne and  Richmond,

Post Master Gallery
The Gallery in Melbourne commenced a display of Australian Football Memorabilia which was to end in October. This however was extended to January 2009. Advertising material featured the same etching as the stamp issue and a famous photo of Ron Barrassi (front and back).

150 years of Australian Football
Celebrating 150 years of Australian Football Australia Post issued a single 50 cent stamp featuring the earliest known engraving of a game of Australian football. The engraving, entitled "Winter in Australia: Football in the Richmond Paddock" by Robert Bruce, depicts a game at Richmond Paddock, the parklands that today sit adjacent to the MCG. This image was first reproduced in the Illustrated Melbourne Post on 27 July 1866. The issue was released on the 29th July 2008. It consisted of one stamp in a sheetlet of ten, also issued in a post office pack (
front and inside), a FDC and Maximum Card. A Postal and numismatic cover (PNC) was also released with a commemorative coin from the Perth Mint. The Wesley Cover Service released a FDC for a single  stamp and for the sheetlet. The FDI Postmark showed a football boot.

Premiership Players Club
The 2008 Premiership Player's Club P-stamps were again released in May 2008 continuing an annual tradition from the year 2000. 
2008 AFL Stamps
The 2008 AFL Sheetlet P stamps were issued in a new format  of 2 sheetlets of ten players on a foldout three card sheet with the clubs logo on the front. This was changed from the previous prestige booklet format from 2004, with an enclosed medallion in 2007. The previous issues since 2000 had been an A4 format. Another significant change was the positioning of the player in the tab on both the right and left of the globe and Southern Cross stamp. This was similar to the initial P stamp issue in 1999 at the Australia 99 World Stamp Expo in Melbourne when the tab was on the left. Subsequently the tab was on the right.

2008 AFL Stamp Sheet

National Sports Museum
The National Sports Museum was opened at the MCG on the 13th March 2008. A Souvenir Stamp Sheet was issued on the same day. The selvedge of the last two stamps commemorated Australian Football. The back of the SES showed a explanation of the photos in the tab and includes a photo of the MCG.